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Wall to Wall – Designs in Wood

An interior wall is like a blank canvas, and utilizing wood elements is a great way to add visual interest and texture.

Templates 101!

Curved millwork, when made for any application other than a true radius, will always require a template.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect template!

2020 Design Trends

What’s new in 2020 when it comes to architecture and design?

Natural wood elements, bold colors and mixed metals, just to name a few!

Why Poplar?

With the variety of paint grade moulding options available in the market, choosing between the alternatives isn’t always easy.

The Red-White Challenge

Differentiating between Red Oak and White Oak can sometimes be difficult. Here are a couple of tips that can help you more easily distinguish between the two!

Controlling Wood Movement

Failure to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels during the construction process, can result in a less than desirable outcome. Here are a few simple tips to follow for a successful, quality installation!

Now In Stock! Masonite Livingston & Lincoln Park!

Now IN STOCK at Koetter Woodworking!  We are excited to announce that the all-new Livingston door, from Masonite as well as the popular Lincoln Park design are now in stock and ready for shipment! Pricing is available in the Quote It Door Program, through the Dealer login on the Koetter Woodworking web site. Contact your sales

Concealed Magnetic Door Catches

NOW AVAILABLE! A new alternative to standard ball catches is now available for all bi-hinge doors! Concealed magnetic door catches offer several unique advantages, including: No latch noise when opening and closing doors Complete concealment when doors are closed, with no visible strike plate lip No spring loaded ball to wear out over time Can